About Us

Who is Ron Grimes Architects?

In 1973, Ron Grimes started his firm in a small concrete block building in a field between Ashland and Medford Oregon. The firm quickly grew to prominence in the area due to his cost effective, efficient and easy to build designs, and numerous long term Client/Contractor relationships. Clients and Contractors alike found that they benefitted from simple effective designs, clear and concise documentation and collaborative project execution, where each member of the project team was valued. Both Clients and Contractors came back for more of these great professional services time and again.

Over time it became clear that the firm needed to add management to handle the workload, so in 2006, after nearly 12 years as a top level employee, David Evans became a partner in the firm. He was joined by his longtime friend and cohort Brian Westerhout. Since then, Ron, David and Brian have continued to provide the same quality services to the Rogue Valley and throughout the state of Oregon. In 2009, James Matteson joined our growing team and together, we now provide these same services to Eastern Oregon and California.

What sets Ron Grimes Architects pc apart?

  • We listen to you!
  • We design what you want, not what we want.
  • If you don’t know what you want, we can help you figure it out with our 3 dimensional and realistic modeling capabilities.
  • Timeless, efficient and effective designs in a variety of styles.
  • Cost effective solutions delivered on time and within your budget.
  • We invest the time and effort to stay up to date w/ technology + business trends.
  • Realistic and cost effective 3D visualization helps you know what you are getting.


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Brian Westerhout
David Evans

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